Thursday, August 1, 2013

At Last Google Included Guest Posting In Link Schemes

Yesterday I was read web and found lot of articles on Google warns against large scale guest blogging and found the below titles.  They all have one story covered about change in Google Link schemes

Google Warns Against Guest Blog Posting Service 
Large Scale Guest Postings Under Google Radar
Massive Guest Blog Posting Are Killers
Danger Of Large Scale Guest Posting
Mass Scale Guest Blog Posting Can Hurt You
Google Included Guest Posting In Link Schemes
Google Webmaster Guidelines Include Guest Posting
Large Scale Keyword Rich Guest Posting A Bane
Google New Rules On Guest Posts And Sponsored Posts
Google Adds Guest Posting To List Of Link Schemes
No Link Schemes - No Large Scale Guest Posting
Warning For Mass Scale Keyword Optimised Guest Posts
Links Creation By Large Scale Guest Posting - Google Penalty
Warning Against Mass Guest Postings
Rich Keyword Optimized Guest Blog Posting To Be Avoided

At last I got one post by Mohnesh Kohli which covers explanation to all above title regarding Google latest views on large scale guest blogging. Read this post and get all detailed information on this topic.

Added on 16th October 2013

You can read the Google guidelines on guest blog posting here

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