Thursday, December 12, 2013

How Different Marketers View Guest Blogging

Various experts Marketers think differently about guest blogging or guest posting. Below is the headlines for your reference 

Leo Widrich: Focus on The Long-Term Benefits of Guest posting 
Don Sturgill: Write a Guest Post ONLY if You Have Something Worth Saying 
Neil Patel: Do Your Homework Promoting EACH of Your Guest Posts 
Mitch Monsen: A Guest Post is Just the Beginning of a Mutually Beneficial Relationship 
Nathan Barry: Create a “Blanket Effect” 
Tommy Walker: Think about [Guest Blogging] Like Your Favorite Long Running TV Show.
Mohnesh Kohli: The object of Bloggers outreach to have long term relationship
Michael Martinez: The Guest Post Should *Benefit* the Host Blog 
Craig Fifield: Guest Post to Build Your Brand 
Pratik Dholakiya: Turn Guest Posting on its Head (on Reverse Guest Blogging)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Matt Cutts Latest View On Guest Blog Posting

Guest blogging is on rise as everyone consider it as organic method of getting backlinks. spammers and old link builder are already entered this market. Matt Cutts has expressed their view on guest posting.


 Matt cutts explained that all blog post which are not related to niche theme or off topic the blog, and linked with rich text keywords are considered as spam and such guest post will be penalised. Matt Cutts say that true or real blogger always write on a niche blog and on relevant topics. Google is going to penalize the excessive guest blog posts with same anchor text.

 Post contributed by Aprajita Kohli editor of She is quite active in Blogger Outreach work

Friday, August 2, 2013

Guest Blogger Exchange Launched For Blogging Community

We are happy to make announcement for commencement of guest blog post exchange at Facebook. We have been inspired by Guest Blogger Exchange community at Google+. With the success of such bloggers hub we feel the need to have Guest Blogger Exchange at Facebook. So we did it

Guest Blogger Exchange is a place to share, exchange your blog post with other bloggers and blog owners and publishers. Just join the community and Blog owners will get free post for their blogs and content writers and bloggers will find blogs related to their niche for publishing their post and improving their visibility and get links.

Welcome To Bloggers, Content Creators and Content Publishers

Thursday, August 1, 2013

At Last Google Included Guest Posting In Link Schemes

Yesterday I was read web and found lot of articles on Google warns against large scale guest blogging and found the below titles.  They all have one story covered about change in Google Link schemes

Google Warns Against Guest Blog Posting Service 
Large Scale Guest Postings Under Google Radar
Massive Guest Blog Posting Are Killers
Danger Of Large Scale Guest Posting
Mass Scale Guest Blog Posting Can Hurt You
Google Included Guest Posting In Link Schemes
Google Webmaster Guidelines Include Guest Posting
Large Scale Keyword Rich Guest Posting A Bane
Google New Rules On Guest Posts And Sponsored Posts
Google Adds Guest Posting To List Of Link Schemes
No Link Schemes - No Large Scale Guest Posting
Warning For Mass Scale Keyword Optimised Guest Posts
Links Creation By Large Scale Guest Posting - Google Penalty
Warning Against Mass Guest Postings
Rich Keyword Optimized Guest Blog Posting To Be Avoided

At last I got one post by Mohnesh Kohli which covers explanation to all above title regarding Google latest views on large scale guest blogging. Read this post and get all detailed information on this topic.

Added on 16th October 2013

You can read the Google guidelines on guest blog posting here

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Another Company for Guest Blogging Service - A Review

Guest blogging is need of a day for the search engine optimization  community. All linking method are no way operating just blog links are playing a role in linking market. As it happen earlier SEO community runs after linking method which they thing Google consider Good.

Recently we got one more company offering guest blogging service or Blogger outreach service. On discussion we know that they know the real blogging or guest blog post publishing. They promised that they believe in original blogger outreach to get good content published and have a mention or citation for your website or blog. They claim to understand blogging and bloggers better than other guest blogging companies or agencies. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Looking for a Guest Bloggers

We are looking for a guest bloggers for writing a guest post for our blogs on health, lifestyle, sports, home and garden, technology and marketing. We will go for a strategic long-term partnership with you. Our blogs are of high quality has got good traffic which will help you in building your brand or personal awareness amount our community. Our publishing services are free and we do not pay for this. We also welcome guest blog posting service agencies for supply to good contents which are good for our blog or website users. However for your efforts, we can give a link to your website which will bring traffic. Please visit or you can contact at

We also need experts in blogger outreach work. We need the blogger outreach specialists who have more than 3 years of experience and must have done more than 100- manual blog outreach. We want to assign the jobs on per blog outreach basis.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

List of Guest Blogging Services Theme

In guest blogging it very essentially that you must choose a blog for posting only if it relates to your theme of the website, product or services. In  guest blogging industry people work on the basis of themes. Most of time bloggers or blog post ex-changer require list of guest blogging theme. We have make a list of important guest blog post service theme as below

Health & Fitness
Home & Garden
Real Estate
Religion & Spirituality
Video Games
Work & Productivity

Credit for this list goes to Aprajita Kohli

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Keywords Suggestion to Guest Blogging

Well  I used the Google Keyword Suggestion Tools of which I am fan. You can find the link in the post I linked. What I did is to get the list of all keywords and copied to text pad. Then I used the duplicate word finder to remove the duplicates and got the below text. Below is the list of words which are related to guest blogging. Below text is 181 words 1340 characters (word character count tool)

guest blog blogging blogger bloggers wanted service network sites genius agreement poster guidelines post it posting list directory ideas articles automotive scientific american terms and conditions bio best practices byline beauty business benefits book be my community problogger contest content  career cnbc photography contributor dating definition disclaimer design files diet relations disney dfid david exchange examples email template etiquette education editor entrepreneur real estate forum for us finder fashion huffington seo format fitness mashable furniture girl review gifts gardening nick collison gq google authorship of a human resources health home improvement horse how to hollow habit contributors hopkins interactive internet marketing invitation interior introduction intro italiani tavi gevinson jezebel jhu jocelyn jon morrow josh joomla jewelry arias scott kissmetrics link letter login estee lauder law weight loss legal mom marketplace mommy mailer new york nat vol 1 netmums natalie outreach opportunities on wordpress find policy pitch example search queries rules registry request requirements romance recruitment submission strategy engine sciam travel topics technology tips authors translation uk video quest websites writers writing wedding wheat web where your yoga  art outsource outsourcing outsourced blogger outreach services

Weblog on Guest Blogging for Bloggers and Publishers

Guest blogging is getting importance day by day as people want to share there thought with other and want to get well know writer or a knowledgeable person in there niche. Guest bloggers and publishers want to join hands to get benighted from each other.

Out blog will be for bloggers, publishers, writers, blogging companies and search engine optimizers. We will be updating with latest articles, blog posts, discussions, blog post outsourcing, guide and news on guest blogging industry.

Thanks to all who will join this community.