Thursday, December 12, 2013

How Different Marketers View Guest Blogging

Various experts Marketers think differently about guest blogging or guest posting. Below is the headlines for your reference 

Leo Widrich: Focus on The Long-Term Benefits of Guest posting 
Don Sturgill: Write a Guest Post ONLY if You Have Something Worth Saying 
Neil Patel: Do Your Homework Promoting EACH of Your Guest Posts 
Mitch Monsen: A Guest Post is Just the Beginning of a Mutually Beneficial Relationship 
Nathan Barry: Create a “Blanket Effect” 
Tommy Walker: Think about [Guest Blogging] Like Your Favorite Long Running TV Show.
Mohnesh Kohli: The object of Bloggers outreach to have long term relationship
Michael Martinez: The Guest Post Should *Benefit* the Host Blog 
Craig Fifield: Guest Post to Build Your Brand 
Pratik Dholakiya: Turn Guest Posting on its Head (on Reverse Guest Blogging)